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Pathway Jetstream System

The Pathway Jetstream System is a catheter device that treats Peripheral Arterial Disease by clearing and removing blockages with a proprietary expandable cutting tip. A pair of peristaltic pumps are used to irrigate the site and remove arterial plaque. With technology like this, function comes first. Luckily, function is beautiful.

The complex system has been organized into a legible and intuitive product family. A logical, refined architecture becomes a family of forms that facilitate error-proof functionality and elegantly present areas of interaction. The work has defined Pathway’s visual brand and helped them introduce a technology that saves limbs and restores mobility.


This project was an incredible opportunity. The Pathway and Carbon team's came together to create an amazing product.

I was the lead industrial designer for the system. In addition to the products, I was able to illustrate and layout the device manual and create the Pathway logo.

Pathway Top View Pod and Mouse Peter Bristol
Pathway UI Peter Bristol